Inspired By Nature

Hello guys!

I’m really happy to be back with you guys! This last three months of my absence were absolutely crazy and kinda shocking for me! In next post, I will definitely share with my shocking and most beautiful news with you guys.

If you follow me on Instagram @rale_popic you’ve already seen my trip to Kranjska Gora, Slovenia but I also decided to share it on my blog because escape to nature in this hot summer days, in my opinion, is so refreshing and relaxing.

So when we decide to go on this trip with my fiancé Daša I was inspired by nature when I wondering what to wear. I combine the olive green jacket with a floral yellow shirt which refreshes the outfit.

This shirt is definitely a key to a modern boho-chic or simply hippie style.

For the details I choose Jacques Lemnas Sunglasses and watch. This year Jacques Lemans lunched a new sunglasses collection and I’m very thrilled to share my new aviator sunglasses with you. I can just say that the quality is very good and with small details makes them just perfect.

I will be back with you guys with the new post very soon!

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  1. It’s so nice to see a blogger who actually puts lot of work into the quality of photos! Very rare! Great work man.

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