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Hello guys!

After quite a hassle at the Barcelona airport, I finally settled here and started to enjoy my come back. In this post I’d like to share with you one of the cosiest summer daily outfits, which I highly recommend all of you to try out! It is fantastic for any daily occasion, even for a visit of a poolside!

Summer time is right here in it’s full glory and I’m very much ready to enjoy it. You all guys who follow me know, that I’m more of a shirt kinda person, but of some reason, I started to play with t-shirts lately and I find them really amazing! They’re such a simple piece and you can always play with different logos, themes and different styles.

Since big logos made such a huge comeback this season, I decided to pick all of the pieces from one of my all-time favourite fashion house; Hugo Boss. They abide by high quality fashion and style pieces which are more than worth to try out. For this style post I chose to combine this fantastic turquoise logo T-shirt with bermuda shorts and rubber slide sandals which make this daily summer outfit even cosier. This time I also went with a crossbody bag which is also one of the hottest accessories this season. Guys, let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see a review or a short video on this fantastic piece!

I will be back with you guys with the new post very soon!

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  1. I’m a huge lover of T-shirt outfits! You really pull of the best way possible to wear it! I’d love to see a review on this crossbody bag of course and the video also sounds perfect!

  2. Hugo Boss is also one of my favourite fashion houses 😃 they really have amazing stuff! I’d really like to see a review on this bag, I’m thinking of purchasing it now 😊

    1. Boss really has some of amazing pieces yes! You really have to check out this bag Mike! It still fells very much elegant and the leather is really high quality and you won’t regret buying it 😃

  3. So glad that I followed your blog today! You just posted such an amazing post! I’m very much looking forward to read the review on this crossbody bag yes and man, what’s happened at the airport?

    1. I’m so happy to hear that Mark! Thank you so much ☺️ I will definitely post a review on this bag! At the airport here in Barcelona there was a mass strike so it was a complete disaster. Everything is ok now after all ☺️

    1. Thanks Roby! Review will be here on my blog next week and video on IG if you follow me there 😃 At the airport here in Barcelona there was a mass strike so it was a complete disaster but everything is good now 😁

    1. At the airport here in Barcelona there was a mass strike so it was a complete disaster. Everything is well now. Thanks Jose, I will enjoy Barcelona as always! It’s very nice here ☺️

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