Double Breasted Overcoat

Hello guys!

This time I would like to write about my favourite winter style piece and that is overcoat. Men’s overcoat is definitely the key garment for Winter and choosing the right one is easier than thought, you just need to keep in mind some characteristics such as: type, fabric, colour and style.

As you probably know, not every overcoat is the same. They’re different types of overcoats and I will share more about them very soon.

An Overcoat is commonly referred to as a coat and is the top layer. A coat that you wear above everything else made from heavier material. I’m wearing double breasted 100% wool overcoat. I prefer natural fabrics over synthetic ones. Wool is always great choice for a coat simply because it’s warm, durable and soft fabric. It will also last longer and it is a most classic option.

I like more double breasted overcoat style than single breasted overcoat simply because it’s more interesting and you can combine it whit almost any style.

I will be back with you soon! Have a great night!

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  1. The color of this overcoat is so classy. I’m in a search for a new one.. do you have any idea where I should look for? Do you maybe know some great brand from Europe? Thanks!

  2. Amazing post! I always learn something about gentleman style and I like that so much! Great content, amazing blog! Keep posting

  3. Ok man I won’t pretend and say that I knew what is overcoat 😅😁 and I cannot wait to your promised blog post to learn something more! Fantastic work!

  4. I agree with Richard! I didn’t know either 😄 Your work Rale is very much unlike the majority of bloggers, it really is very clear that you enjoy your work and that’s why I will always support you!

  5. It’s always so nice read your articles, you always come up with something so amazing! I can’t remember when I met someone that would think all the differences when it comes to coats, let alone talk about them! You really inspire me, keep up with the great work! Don’t stop!

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