“Gouverneur” Sunglasses By Christopher Cloos

Hello guys!

The days when people buys sunglasses just because an optician recommended it, are definitely far gone. Sunglasses became an eyewear style statement. We have so many brands and different frames to chose but I think that most of people pay attention to fashionable, ‘cool’ models, rather than classic, stylish and timeless frames.

This time I would like to share with you guys a new “Gouverneur – Noire” Sunglasses. I can just say that the quality is fantastic and they look absolutely amazing. No matter what you wear, this black and gold “Gouverneur – Noire” frames will definitely make a statement.

Christopher Cloos which I really like and recommend, offers top-quality craftsmanship, timeless design and so many different frames to chose.

Christopher Cloos – Gouverneur – Noire Sunglasses

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