Outfit For Spring Sunny Day

Hello guys!

Today I’m in Trieste, Italy. It’s perfect sunny day, quite warm and almost feels like summer. So day like this can be quite interesting. When I’m in Italy a good coffee and pasta are unavoidable, but let’s talk about outfit. For this outfit I choose a stripe sweater, jeans and pair them with moccasins. I think it’s playful, elegant and perfect for a spring sunny day. As always every outfit need some edginess and the details are perfect for it. It’s very important for me to combine matching accessories so the whole look is completed perfectly. I chose Woodzee Mojave Ebony wood sunglasses which I like so much. You can order this perfectly designed sunglasses on http://bit.ly/1U9ycap and get your own Woodzees! I also chose Renard watch that matches totally with this style.

rale popić

rale popić

rale popić

rale popić

rale popić

rale popić

Renard watches


rale popić

Woodzee sunglasses

I’m wearing: Woodzee Mojave Ebony wood sunglasses / Zara stripe sweater / Massimo Dutti parka, jeans, moccasins and bracelet / Renard Grande Chrono watch.

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