Red By Driving Shoe Co.

Hello guys!

Spring time is definitely time for some colours, don’t you agree with me? I personally like colours because they always cheer you up and make outfit more interesting. Today I’m going to write about my favourite type of shoes and these are moccasins. I like them because they are very comfortable yet very stylish and you can combine it with almost any outfit. With right pair of moccasins you will always look good! From company I pick this amazing dark red moccasins. I choose red because it is a very powerful colour, easy to wear and perfect for this days. They are light weight, comfortable and made of high quality leather. The design is just perfect and it fits great. For this look I choose linen blazer, blue shirt with stripes and blue trousers. For details I choose amazing Renard watch and Zenger bracelets.

rale popić

rale popić

rale popić

rale popić

rale popić

rale popić

rare popić, renardwatches, shopzenger bracelets

rale popić, renardwatches, driving shoe

If you are looking for comfortable and stylish moccasins, I really recommend you to visit and pick your favourite colour of moccasins. I have to say I really like them and I’m looking forward to wear them a lot!

I’m wearing: Tom Ford olivier sunglasses/ Armani shirt & trousers/ Driving shoe moccasins / Picard backpack / Zenger bracelets / Renard  watch.

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