Barber1937 – Beard Oil

Hello guys!

Let’s face it, beard isn’t just some hair on your face too look cool or even worse too look like a wild bear. So if you have beard or thinking to grow up one, you must keep it well groomed. That’s where beard oils come in. Nowadays we have so many options available, that we’re sometimes confused which product is the right one for us. For some time I’ve tested this professional beard oil from Barber1937 which is a professional barbershop based in Copenhagen, Denmark. They have a series of products from shaving, aftershave to hair accessories that embody modern masculinity. What drawn my attention about this company is that they use specially selected natural and biodegradable ingredients. Products are paraben-free and not tested on animals.

What I really like about this beard oil is that it sinks into the facial hair quickly so that means there won’t be any shiny beard look. You can also apply it directly on your skin and it works like a perfect moisturizer. I only need a few drops of oil and I spread it through my fingers and than I apply it on my facial hair to style my beard and with this oil I achieve a light shine and natural look. After I apply it my facial hair are very soft because of the grape seed oil and vitamin E and smell really amazing! With this oil my facial hair and skin beneath looks very soft and healthy which is a result that is most important!

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