Autumn Colours

Hello guys!

I f you are looking for simple, classic and elegant outfit, then you’re definitely on the right place.  This classy outfit is perfect for everyday work, meetings or just looking great when you go out with friends. When I plan to combine colours, I usually get inspired by the time of the year or some particular fashion peace I choose to wear. This time I was inspired by autumn in it’s full glory in the city. For this outfit I combined earthly colours with grays which make the perfect combination for simple classy outfit.

My latest everyday essentials is Thomas Earnshaw automatic longitude moonphase watch which has quickly become my all-time favourite in my collection. This watch works like a charm and fits perfectly. Every detail on this watch is designed precisely and more you pay attention to every each one of them, more you admire and appreciate them. They’re the absolutely perfect addition to this unique watch and I have to say, I love it.

If you are wondering which shoes I’m wearing, I have to tell you guys, you don’t want them to run away from you. These are from Italian company Belsire. They are specialised for handmade gentleman shoes. The leather of this shoes is outstanding and after minutes of wear it gets very soft comfortable. Just because I appreciate the high quality of shoes and I found the perfect brand to share with you, I got for you guys a code “RALE10” with which you can shop on with 10% off on entire order. Make sure to choose your favourite pair or two.

I’m wearing: The Thomas Earnshaw Longitude Moon phase automatic watch / Belsire Leone shoes .

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