Budapest At Night

Hello guys!

There aren’t many places that would take my breath away at night but Budapest is definitely one of them. I’ve heard so many great things about this city so I wanted to visit it for the longest time. It was more then worth of waiting and even thought it was a winter time, the cold didn’t take away the magnificence of this city. First day of my stay I took a walk from my hotel (which was located in Pest), all the way to the Chain bridge where I took these photos. Chain bridge is one of the most symbolic buildings and the widely known bridge of the Budapest. It was the first permanent stone-bridge connecting Pest and Buda.

It takes about for 5-10 mins to walk from one to another side. It is very impressive when you are on it. You can also see how magnificent it is from far, and especially if you are looking over from the Castle Hill. Best time to come is late afternoon, when you can enjoy both day and night view and especially the sunset view. The lighting of the bridge makes it so majestic and romantic.

I hope that you guys like this post and if you’re planing to visit Budapest I highly recommend you to visit the Chain bridge.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. I visited Budapest briefly in September last year and it’s great to see how beautiful it looks in Winter too. Nice fashion pics to. Thanks foe liking my post on Venice. Chevvy

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