Room With A View, Hotel Bristol Vienna

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I’m finally back with the post about which I’m thrilled to share just because this particular collaboration was the best experiance in my blogging career so far. I’m honoured to share with you a review on one of the luxurioust hotels in the world, Hotel Bristol Vienna.

As you all know, when it comes to Vienna I got particularly excited when I travel back there because I always have such a great time. Vienna is one of those cities that I highly recommend you to visit, it has the most special antique vibe you can imagine and the most unique history. One of the main attractions to which people travel all over the world is Vienna State Opera which we all know, is the most famous and most visited opera in the whole world.

Hotel Bristol Vienna is the historic luxury hotel in Vienna that symbolises almost everything about Viennese history. From the time of its opening in 1892 till now, it won the greatest renown possible, among locals and foreigns. When the Hotel Bristol Vienna was opened, it immediately became an attraction; because of the British modern name, electricity, climate, elevator, butlers, art deco design and astonishing French cuisine, was the greatest and the modernest hotel in Vienna. It stayed very much respected till this days and still frequently visited by the locals; the continuation of tradition for the diner in the restaurant or enjoying a special Bristol Bar enviroment while enjoying the best cognacs and smoking the best cigars in the world is something you my gents have to try if you ever travel to Vienna.

This time in Vienna, I had the great pleasure to collaborate with them Hotel Bristol, one of the greatest and well-known hotels in Vienna where I stayed for couple of nights in the most hospitable environment you can imagine. Hotel Bristol is a historic luxury hotel in Vienna that boasts oneself with very rich history that reaches 120 years into the past and trust me, once you walk in that door, you almost immediately feel it. The art-deco story in this hotel never ends; from the main entrance, lobby, dinning hall, back to the bar, stairs, elevator and not to mention rooms, ohh it’s the heavenly place to visit for anyone who appreciates the history of art and enjoys in such an atmosphere.

Hotel Bristol is located very close to Vienna State Opera so it enjoys the absolutely unique location and it has long been appreciated by numerous celebrities from the music business and also by the individuals who appreciate the history and exclusivity of Hotel Bristol Vienna. All the personnel in the hotel was very nice and hospitable since the first day I got there, I almost felt like home.

The Breakfast in the lounge every morning was absolutely delicious. They offer a very nice buffet range of fruits, baked goods, meat, and cheese, with eggs cooked to order and also you can order any coffee you whish. I have a habit trying out egg benedict dish almost everywhere I go and to be honest with you guys, in Hotel Bristol Vienna was the best so far. If you ever decide to stay in this hotel you also have to try out the Bristol schnitte which is their famous desert, also delicious. One morning I also decided to order a room service which was by no means, phenomenal and very much worth it. Having morning breakfast with the astonishing view to the Vienna State Opera is not just enjoyable but very much unforgettable experiance.

I was staying in a Junior Penthouse Suite which was a very adorable room, all decorated in art-deco design, very spacious and cozy. The most impressive was the view of course, but I cannot deny the luxury that it offers. The coffee machine, office place and the relaxing place were very much enjoyable, especially in the evening.

I enjoyed the stay in Bristol Hotel Vienna very much guys and I highly hope for you to check it if you ever decide to travel to Vienna. I’ll be back with more posts about this astonishing hotel this Summer season. I’m already very much excited about that, till then, stay around for more weekly posts! Good night!

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