Summertime Relaxed Casual Outfit

Hello guys!

I hope you all enjoy summertime! Istrian coast has the most beautiful tiny cities where you can easily find a place to relax. Poreč is one of my favourite and I always like to come back because wherever you move experiencing something wonderful. Poreč is a pretty small town with a rich history and beautiful narrow streets which brings a special ambience and atmosphere. There are many bars, restaurants and small shops in the small, narrow streets.  The architecture covers many centuries and is beautifully varied. There is always something going on here, concerts, or street musicians or something else so you can really enjoy and relax.

For this trip to Poreč I decided to wear very relaxed linen stripe shirt with blue bermuda shorts. I think that this is timeless summer look. I combine it with classic Birkenstock sandal.

I’m wearing: Massimo Dutti shirt, shorts and sunglasses /  Birkenstock sandal.

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