Arsante of Sweden – Briefcase

Hello guys!

I really don’t remember when was autumn so warm, sometimes I get a feeling that it’s still summer but hey, when I see all the beautiful brown-yellow leaves on the ground, then I know that autumn is in full swing. I created photos for this blog post in Trieste, Italy. I really like Trieste simply because the weather there is always great and it is very easy to find fantastic spots to create a great photos. In this blog post I would like to share with you guys amazing briefcase from Arsante of Sweden. Arsante of Sweden is a company specialised in providing the finest quality in luxury briefcases, handbags, luggage and accessories. Their bags are handmade from superior genuine leather with cotton fabric lining and they are produced in a family owned factory with decades of experience. Every detail is carefully selected, they put also so much effort into the design so the bags look stylish.

I’m wearing “The Arsante Classic” luxury briefcase. This briefcase is all you need for your work because it is very practical because it has a lot of space. You can easily carry around a Macbook Pro 15″ and all your documents for your business day.

I’m wearing: Zara blazer / Massimo Dutti shirt / Arsante of Sweden Classic Briefcase / Jacques Lemans watch / Belsire shoes.

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