Simple Classic For Everyday

Hello guys!

Yes, it’s a new week and I hope you are ready for new challenges! For me new week is a great start for new ideas and planing for things that I haven’t achieve jet! Remember guys, the old days when people didn’t have such an access to beautiful clothes are very much over. We live in a time when we can wear almost everything we want, we can come up with the style we wish in a hint of the moment so you can and must be creative and some times, you can even broke some rules, right?

The whole point is that some styles are so great that they keep coming back but they seem to get better all the time because now you can pick and choose different classic looks and put them together in slightly different ways. That’s where the fun comes in!

This time I prepared for you guys very classic and simple look and the best thing is that you can wear it in so many ways. It is so versatile that only you need is your imagination. I combined a blazer with cardigan because it gives me a warmth and also gives a whole look additional sophistication. I must warn you here guys that not every cardigan that you have in your closet goes with blazer so pay attention to that! I will post about this much more in the future, don’t worry.

When I wear classic looks I definitely pay attention to the details I choose. This time I wear very classic moonphase watch from Jacques Lemans. I simply love the vintage look of this watch.

I’m wearing: Zara blazer / Partenope Napoli – Brogue oxford polished calf black shoes / Arsante briefcase / Jacques Lemans moonphase watch.

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