Winter Wonderland Part 1

Hello guys!

This time I would like to share with you my latest weekend trip to Kranjska Gora which is a small village in the Julian Alps near the border with Italy and Austria. This is really a magical region to visit if you ever find yourself in this vicinity. You see nature everywhere, people are very nice and the landscape is just breathtaking. If you’re looking for a peaceful escape to beautiful nature, amazing landscape, beautiful mountains and lakes, this is definitely the right place where you should go. I have to say guys, after spending just couple of nights here, I came back to the city fully charged and ready for the new super busy week.

For this daily look I chose to wear this super cozy and warm suit which I combined with turtleneck sweater. This combination again, came out like the best choice for such a cold day. Guys, I was actually thinking which jacket to choose for this dress and I decided to go with the down puffer jacket. I absolutely adore this combo and I really recommend you to try it out if you like it!

You’re probably wondering what I’ve been wearing for shoes do you? Well, these ones are a very special to me just because they’re designed to be worn not only with all types of casual looks but also with more sophisticated, business looks.

I’m wearing: ZARA down puffer jacket / Hugo Boss turtleneck sweater / Bexley boots / Jacques Lemans watch.

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