Massimo Dutti Oversized Sole Sneakers

Hello guys!

Today I want to share with you something different, definitely the biggest footwear trend by far. You know them under different names like the dad shoes, chunky sneakers, oversized sole sneakers, and some others. I must admit that I am a huge shoe and sneaker lover, but when I first came across this trend, I really didn’t like it at first because, in my opinion, these sneakers look ridiculous. I had a feeling like people have bricks on their foot, seriously. I checked out many brands but I’ve never seen a pair that I would like until this year Massimo Dutti released their first pair. They immediately caught my attention and I immediately knew that these are the one.

The Massimo Dutti oversized sole sneakers are surprisingly lightweight and super comfortable and they’re more fashion-forward than other sneakers in their new collection. This is actually very unusual for Massimo Dutti but hey, they also have to keep a step with fashion trends.

They are made from nubuck, split suede and Nappa leather in contrast blue and grey tones with several tan Nappa leather details. The sole is chunky but still stylish enough to wear them to almost any outfit. They also offer you good stability and durability which I really like. In the end, they actually, look really amazing on feat meaning they’re a perfect option for everyday wear or at the office.

I will be back with you guys with the new post very soon! Enjoy your evening.

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