Autumn Colours

Hello guys!

I’m really happy to be back with you guys. This outfit was kinda inspired by autumn colours and I also hope that you will find some inspiration for your next outfit.

I was playing with burgundy, brown, blue and grey colours and this combination gives you a really fantastic autumn colour palette, which I really like.

Combination of this style pieces is suitable not only for autumn, but also for winter time. In winter you simply just substitute autumn coat for winter one. You can also always add a warmer scarf to the look, with which you can never go wrong.

Guys, there’s also one thing that I’d highly recommend to you to pay more attention to. I noticed that lately, there are too many unnatural materials out there and for colder seasons of the year, it’s really important that you chose cashmere, wool or any natural fibre. If you’d like me to write a post about this, let me know in the comment section down bellow.

Last but not least, I’m so excited to share with you one more brand of high quality sunglasses that you can check out.

Christopher Cloos is a Danish brand that abides by high quality materials and amazing design of sunglasses.

I’m very much sure that you will find a piece for your self in their extensive collection which you can check out here.

I will be back with you on Wednesday! Have a great night!

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  1. Great colour combination and fantastic tips again.. I also agree about them materials with you and I think people don’t talk a lot about this issue. I’m looking forward to your post man 😊

  2. Oh finally someone who has guts to speak up about materials 😊😄 no one ever does that any more. can’t wait to read your article!

  3. Really like the way how you styled scarf with this outfit, looks fantastic ☺️ And post about materials also sounds so cool 😎

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