Casual On Rainy Day

Hello guys!

Today I’m going to start my blog post with weather thoughts! It’s supposed to be summer, nice warm sunny weather, but It’s just opposite, raining all the time, windy and cold! Sometimes I have a filling that it’s autumn and I have slept through the summer. I’m waiting for those hot summer days and I hope they will come soon.

Do you also have that filing on a rainy day, that you won’t wear nice leather shoes? For some funny reason, I always choose sneakers and I go with super casual outfit.

This time I combine super lightweight jacket, cardigan, checked shirt and “dad jeans”, do you know, what those are? They are very comfortable, high-waist jeans and you can choose from lose-weight, relaxed fit or fitted. In my opinion, you definitely need one pair of this in your closet.

I will be back with you soon! Have a great one.

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