The Parfum You Need To Wear – Black Caviar By Electimuss London

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Choosing the right fragrance is one of the trickier parts when defining your style. This day is really hard to choose simply because you have so many options and the main factor is that we have different body and skin chemistry so what might smell great on one person may not necessarily work for the other. You want something unique and that smells really good on you and also you desire a scent that works with your personality and matches your look, right? I tested Black Caviar from Nero collection and I think that you will be amazed by this unique scent.

Electimuss London is a luxury British based fragrance house. They select the finest ingredients from around the world to craft their perfumes. Their vision is to create intense indulgent fragrances that explore power, creativity and sensuality.

The best perfume is all it takes to complete your look and decide the mood or the occasion! 

Black Caviar is definitely unique, easy to recognize and easy to adapt as a signature scent. It’s a classic and refined scent, strong without being overwhelming, it’s incredibly elegant and sophisticated. It really has recognizable caviar note – salty and fresh. This is one of those classic gentleman’s scent with a little bit of an edge thanks to the lavender, sage and rosemary. I have to admit that It has really good staying power, lasting about at least eight hours on my skin. I think that this is one of those staples in your collection that you find yourself reaching for a lot.

The design of the bottle is classically shaped, it’s heavy and with all the details reflects sophistication and elegance.

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