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Hello guys!

While I was in Vienna, I was staying in Ruby Lissi Hotel. The Ruby Lissi design hotel is absolutely fascinating. When you enter the building, you don’t feel like you’re in a regular hotel but in a nice lounge bar. One thing that I especially like is that the guitars are hanging on the wall in the bar and you can actually borrow them, connect with the Marshall amplifier in your room and play your music. Since I’m not a musician, I unfortuanatelly couldn’t do that but I’m pretty sure that this is a fantastic experience for any guitarist.

During the stay in Vienna it also came a date of the anniversary with my fiancé. I’m so blessed that I met my fiancé Daša twelve years ago when I was still a ‘kid’ and she leaded me into the best and right places in life. I’m so proud on our relationship because during all these years together, we grew only stronger and we perfectly complement one another in every possible way. Daša is not only my love, she’s also my very best friend, she’s the person on which I can always count on, for better or for worse as they say.

I’m so happy that we decided to celebrate our anniversary in some other way but as we were staying in this fantastic hotel we heated a lounge bar and had so much fun! I can’t tell you much more haha.. It was fantastic!

I’m wearing:  Massimo Dutti blazer, shirt and shoes / Armani trousers / Lecharl Gentleman watch.


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