Casual Summer Outfit With Perfect Details

Hello guys!

I’m back in my hometown but not for long! In this blog post I want to share with you one of my favourite casual summer outfits and that is oversized shirt, bermuda shorts, espadrilles and lately panama hat. I have to admit that I’m not a hat lover but in these hot days panama hat goes almost everywhere with me. The Panama hat has both style and function and I think that it is only one classic summer hat. I really like this hat because of his elegant shape and it is lightweight, breathable and it is perfect choice for hot sunny weather!

I can’t imagine summer without sunglasses. Nowadays we can choose among so many different models, that it’s sometimes just confusing which one is the best for us. I’m wearing Palms Yachtmaste Wood sunglasses from Woodzee. They’re made from wood and I really like this model because it’s a little bit different than others sunglasses and fits just perfect.

My must-have accessory is definitely a watch. This Sea Navigator from Lars Larsen is timeless timepiece that every man should have in his watch collection. White dial and blue bezel makes this watch statement timepiece. I especially like Lars Larsen as a brand because they offer you a limited lifetime warranty. I highly recommend you to check Lars Larsen site and pick your favourite watch.

I’m wearing: Woodzee sunglasses / Zara shirt / Massimo Dutti bermuda shorts, hat and espadrilles / Lars Larsen watch.

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