Classic Outfit For Autumn/Fall Weather

Hello guys!

As I mentioned in previous post “Ready For Fall” I would consider autumn/fall one of my favourite seasons because it’s a season of layers and I really enjoy combining colours and fashion pieces all together. Today I’m sharing my favourite classic autumn/fall outfit and I hopefully give you some inspiration!

My absolute favourite fashion piece is definitely blazer. We have so many blazers to chose from, but it’s important that you pick the right one. This blazer is from Massimo Dutti and it’s made from wool. I really like it because it’s warm enough that in warm autumn days, I can only wear a shirt underneath or when it’s colder, I just add a waistcoat or cashmere sweater and I’m ready to go. It’s definitely became autumn/fall staple of mine.

Besides jeans that we love so much and wear almost every day, you definitely need more of different pieces in your wardrobe. The best way to mix up your outfit is to add a one or two pieces of classic trousers in your closet. It’s great opportunity to add some colour and diversity to your autumn/fall style. I’m wearing Armani trousers in my favourite autumn/fall maroon brown colour. The trousers are very soft, comfortable and well made.

For shoes I picked simply true timeless classic tassel loafer from Bexley. The Picadilly model is the perfect bridge between formal and casual wear and I’m sure that they could become your an integral part of your wardrobe. More about this shoes is going to be in my next post.

I’m wearing: Tom Ford olivier sunglasses / Massimo Dutti blazer and shirt / BOWS-N-TIES tie / Armani trousers / Picard briefcase authentic / Henry watch / Bexley Picadilly shoes.


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