Piccadilly Bexley Shoes

Hello guys!

This is a really exciting blog post for me, because it’s all about my “Piccadilly” or tassel loafer shoes from Bexley. Bexley is a French company who besides amazing shoes offers also a range of shirts, pullovers, polo necks, belts and other accessories. Each Bexley product is made from high-quality materials and in every product they put uncompromising attention to detail.

The quality of these Piccadilly shoes are top notch. You really are getting an amazing pair of loafers for a fraction of what other luxury brands would charge. That’s why I love Bexley brand.

As far as fit, I have a wide feet and these do fit a little stiff when you put them on at first. But after just a few wears they have broken in very nicely and are forming to my foot. Now they become very comfortable and I really enjoy wearing this shoes so I would suggest wearing them for a few hours a day before doing any serious walking in them. With any good shoe comes the break in period. Believe me guys, these loafers are total perfection. They look fantastic in the pictures but even more so in person.

This timeless classic tassel loafers literally go with everything (suits, jeans, trousers). I’m absolutely sure that these will be in my closet for years to come because of quality.

Bexley: Piccadilly shoes

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