Another Working Day

Hello guys!

Are you stuck in a routine when it comes to creating fresh work outfits? Well, I hope I’m going to help you a little bit with this outfit post. This outfit is not so tight but it’s still formal. If you’re amongst the lucky guys who don’t need to wear a suit to work, you have the freedom of mostly wearing whatever you want. Smart casual for men is the most versatile outfit but guys, don’t go to far with casual. Just try to keep it casual with a smart twist.

For smart casual outfit are the most important details. The tie is a total game changer and I would really recommend you guys, to check Bows-N-Ties online shop because they have very quality and variety ties.

The next very important detail is bag. When I have meetings I usually choose briefcase because it’s more formal and I think that a leather briefcase will always be an unique part of that manner. It is also a fashion statement undoubtedly. This leather briefcase with vintage look that I’m wearing is from German company Leabags. I really like it because I can carry around a lot of stuff with me.

The last very important detail is of course shoes. Apart from function, the style of shoes can make a personal statement! They are used to complete the whole dressing experience and you aren’t completely dressed until you have the right shoes. I’m wearing tassel loafers from Bexley and you can check the whole blog post about it here.

I’m wearing: Dick Moby sunglasses / Massimo Dutti blazer / BOWS-N-TIES tie / Armani trousers / Leabag briefcase / Lars Larsen watch / Bexley Picadilly shoes and shirt.

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