Fall Classiness

Hello guys!

It’s another super busy week and we all have to look fresh and sharp because nothing less is expected from us, right? We need to attend meetings, have business launches and at the end also meet friends for a dinner date in the evening or just a drink. So much to do with so less time and what is the first thing you are worried? I definitely don’t know about you guys  but I’m certainly worried what I will wear!

This classy look looks pretty simple but you need the right details and definitely the right fabrics. When colder days come I’m all about wool and cashmere. I’m wearing wool blazer with leather details which I really like and I pair it with wool grey trousers. This time I choose monk strap shoes because they’re so versatile and you will always look great regardless what are you wearing. To achieve classy look I add paisley tie and of course a must is scarf which adds lots of classiness to the whole look.

I have something special for you guys and that is my new watch that I simply adore. It’s Era Prometheus with tourbillon mechanism. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to know everything about this extrordinary brand soon, I’m going to write a closeup review on this watch in the very near future.

I’m wearing: Tom Ford sunglasses / Massimo Dutti Blazer and shoes / Hugo Boss shirt / Picard briefcase / Era Prometheus watch.

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