Winter Essentials

Hello guys!

I hope you all had a great week so far. This year I definitely miss the snow because winter without snow is like cold autumn. It’s still winter so the warmer clothes are a must. I took a trip to Bled, Slovenia where the temperature is a bit lower and I was expecting to see some snow there, but I didn’t have luck. For this trip I choose for my look my favourite winter essentials. I’m more coat guy them a puffer jacket, simply because it gives your look more sharpness and elegancy. I’m wearing a wool Burberry coat which I simply adore because it’s warm and very well made and I think that because of a quality I can wear it forever. I combined a knit sweater with corduroy pants. Corduroy pants are in my opinion a bit underrated but guys these pants are really amazing and hear me why? Corduroy is a pretty comfortable fabric. It’s basically a ridged velvet, very soft, durable, flexible and beside all that it’s giving you a little extra ease every time you move. They’re very versatile pants and you can combine it with almost anything. To complete my winter look I add leather boots from Bexley.

I really hope that you found this post interesting guys and I hope that you found some inspiration for your own style! Have a great night!

I’m wearing: Burberry coat / Ralph Lauren knit sweater / Bexley boots / Jacques Lemans watch.

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