Winter Layers

Hello guys!

I’m so happy to be back with you guys! Today I want to share with you one of my favourite looks. In winter time I really like to play with layers and of course with details that upgrade the whole look. This time I’m wearing classic herringbone double breasted wool coat which is just perfect for suits and more classy style pieces. Lately I like to wear under blazer waistcoat or cardigan simply because they’re practical addition to my outfit and they provide an extra layer of warmth. In my opinion waistcoat is very versatile piece but you must definitely follow the guidelines when it comes to the fabric, colours and fit of a waistcoat. I combine classic blue waistcoat with checked blazer and I added a red tie with really nice details.

To complete my whole look I choose derby shoes from Bexley. The “Sandridge” derbies offer a sophisticated style that’s great for both business and casual with it’s refined patinated finish and 60’s style look! This model is a british inspired derby shoe with it’s timeless look which I really like.

I really hope that you found this post interesting guys and I hope that you found some inspiration for your own style! Have a great night!

I’m wearing: Jerome Boateng sunglasses from Edel Optics / Bexley derby shoes / Picard briefcase.

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  1. That watch looks fantastic man! Wish you’d post some review on that timepiece 😃 do you have some plans on that?

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