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Hello guys!

I really hope that you are all safe and well in this difficult times! I think that this post might be very interesting, especially because I usually don’t write such articles. Anyways, I decided to start these series and post regularly, just because I think that it’s very important that also men use beauty and grooming products, no one wants alligator skin right? I will post in these series all kinds of product reviews and videos. I will share all my sincere thoughts regarding different products, starting today with the brand that I absolutely enjoy so much!

If you are a man that doesn’t have regular skincare routine, the TOPPBOX is definitely perfect solution for you.

TOPPBOX is personalised grooming subscription box for men. It’s very simple and fun to use, you just complete your grooming profile and they will send you 5 – 7 premium grooming full size products every 2 months. Don’t worry about subscription because you can pause, re-start, update or cancel it at anytime. With TOPPBOX you will definitely discover something new and what I like the most is that they have great selection of premium grooming products.

First of all let me tell you guys that no matter what job you have, grooming should be the first step to start your day!

This time I receive the box with really amazing products. Some of them I already knew and some are new for me. I took some time and tested all the next products:

  • MONUSKIN – Skin Salvage cream-gel 50ml with ultra light and paraben free formula. This cream-gel will definitely calm and restore lost hydration of your skin. With high performance ingredients, your skin will feel super fresh and soft.
  • Vir Original Body Wash 250ml with natural ingredients. It has Black Cherry & Coffee Extract and smells so great. This body wash will help you feel fresh and the smell will stay for some time.
  • Hemp Masque by Pure Purpose 60ml with pomegranate & Aloe Vera Extracts. It’s 100% natural and vegan. This Hemp Masque makes magic on your skin, it tightens the pores and gives relaxed and healthy look to your skin.
  • Mount Purious Organic Witch Hazel Water 50ml this product is new for me and I’m really happy that the TOPPBOX team send it to me because it helps to shrink bags under the eyes and sooth razor burn.
  • Lip Balm by Rogue 10g It’s very nice product that makes your lips moisturised.

To be honest with you guys, all these products are very high quality and I had so much fun time while testing them. I highly recommend you to try out this opportunity of getting to know more cosmetic products, so you can find some really perfect products for yourself. I will be back with you with these series very soon, with the one product from the TOPBOX that I enjoyed the most. Can you guys which one it is? Let me know in the comments down bellow.

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  1. What a great article! I’ll think about getting this box, these products look phenomenal!
    I bet the next aricle is going to be about the body wash or maybe face cream?

  2. Fantastic article! I’ve heard about Topbox so much on IG, but now I’m really willing to try out this experience!

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