The Hooded Sweatshirt

Hello guys!

I must admit that I don’t own a lot of hoodies, in fact I have only three or four of them. I wear it occasionally and especially when the cold weather comes I like to wear it at home because it is so cozy or when I go on a long walk with my fiancé and my baby Mia. I wear it more often lately and that’s simply because it is so cozy and I can style it with everything. I think that basically every guy looks good wearing one, but it has to be high quality one!

The hooded sweatshirt really is a wardrobe essential.

You can style it with shirt, blazer, jacket, trench coat…, I’m telling you guys, it basically goes with everything. It’s basic in the best way!

Makia Clothing brand from Finland has really amazing collection of hooded sweatshirts. So many different colours to chose from and they’re made from 100% cotton. This time I’m wearing green hooded sweatshirt with a kangaroo pocket and a chenille embroidered Makia logo on chest.

I will be back with you soon! Have a great night!

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